Setting up the register

Setting up the register

If you want to set up additional registers:

  1. Go to Point of Sale > Registers > Add New.
  2. Enter the name of the register you want to create.
  3. Go to the Register data panel and select the appropriate section to enter the applicable information.


  • Outlet – the assigned outlet of this register. Users assigned to the configured outlet can only access the register.
  • Product Grid – the grid which loads within the register. By default, the Categories Layout grid will display the products in category format.
  • Grid Layout – the appearance of the products within the grid. You can choose between a grid, rectangular and list format.
  • Receipt Template – the receipt template used when placing orders through the register.
  • Prefix & Suffix – enter a prefix or suffix to the order numbers generated when placing orders through the register.
  • Customer – assign a default customer that is loaded when opening this register.
  • Cash Management – enable this to prompt a starting cash float when opening the register.
  • Dining Option – set the default dining option for this register. Requires the dining option module to be enabled.
  • Default Mode – choose whether the register loads in search or scan mode.

End of Sale

  • Print Receipt – this will toggle the print receipt function by default.
  • Gift Receipt – this will allow cashiers to print gift receipts.
  • Email Receipt
    • No – the email receipt toggle will be off by default.
    • Yes, for all customers – this will toggle email receipts for all customers, including guest customers, by default.
    • Yes, for non-guest customers only – this will toggle email receipts for registered customers only by default.
  • Note Request
    • None – this will not prompt a note.
    • On save – this will only prompt for a note when saving/holding orders.
    • On all sales – this will prompt for a note on all orders, including saving/holding orders.
  • Change Cashier – this will log the cashier out of the register 5 seconds after order fulfilment and redirect them to the login screen.

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