Assigning users to the outlet

Assigning users to the outlet

To open or enter a register, the logged-in user must be assigned to the outlet to which the register belongs. To assign your user to an outlet:

  1. Go to your User Profile, or if you are assigning another user, go to their User Profile.
  2. Scroll to the Point-of-Sale section and select the outlet(s) from the Assigned Outlets field.
  3. Click Save Changes, and the user will now have access to registers that are in this outlet(s).

As well as assigning users to outlets, you can also restrict what cashiers can do when using the register; this includes:

  • Discounting – this will disable discounting functions such as discounts, fees, and coupons from the register.
  • Tendering – this will disable the ability to place an order; cashiers can only place orders on hold or pending payment.

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