Transaction Action Options

Transaction Action Options

Below the cart total, there is a cart action panel. This presents the actions that you want your cashiers to use while fulfilling orders through the POS. Cashiers can swipe left on this panel to see further actions including reset, clear and print.

Applying a coupon

To apply a coupon, click on the Coupon action button. This will open the coupon tab where you can enter the coupon code or if you have a barcode scanner, you can scan the coupon barcode.

Attaching a note

To attach a note to the order, click on the Note action. This will open the notes tab where you can choose whether to add a customer note or order note. Customer notes are sent to the customer and order notes are for internal purposes.

Discounting the order

To apply a discount, click on the Discount action button. This will open the discount tab where you can set the discount reasontype of discount (fixed or percentage) and the discount value. To set the percentages presets, go to the Point of Sale > Settings > Register page and choose the discount values in Keypad Presets.

Maintenance actions

You can reload the register by clicking on Reset action or if you just want to start the order from scratch, you can clear it using the Clear action.

Holding an order

To hold or save the order, swipe left on the cart total and click on Hold. The default status of orders that are put on hold through the POS is on-hold. This can be configured from Point of Sale > Settings > General > Status Options.

Adding a shipping method

To add a shipping method to the order, customer details including the shipping address is required. Store owners would need to add the new customer or load the existing customer to the registers cart. Once customer details are loaded, click on the Shipping cart action. This will load the shipping tab, where you can review the shipping address and choose the appropriate shipping method.

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