Scanning Products at the Register

Scanning Products at the Register

There are four ways to add products to the cart from the registers page:

  • Browse and navigate products using the product grid.
  • Search for the product from the search box.
  • Add a custom product for bespoke orders.
  • Scanning the product barcode.

Using the product grid

The product grid displays products as square tiles and categories as rectangular tiles. You can configure the product grid to display particular products or dynamically load a particular category. See Creating a product grid for more information on creating your own product grid. As you navigate through product categories, the breadcrumb will display the current category or product. Clicking on the first item in the breadcrumb will navigate back to the start of the product grid. Child categories will be displayed first, and products will be displayed below. For variable products, the options will be displayed as tiles and as you go through your selections, the selected choices will be displayed above. Cashiers can go back through the selection using the breadcrumb. To sort product tiles, click on the arrow icon on the top right corner of the grid. This will allow you to sort by name, date added, popularity and featured items. To view product stock or read the products description, click on the small three dots icon in the product tile. This will load more information on a particular product in a full-screen panel. This feature can be enabled or disabled from Point of Sale > Settings > Tiles.

Adding a custom product

For bespoke products, you can add a custom product by clicking the + icon in the search box. Enter the product name, price and quantity and click on Add Product. To add product attributes such as size, color, etc. click the Add Attribute button. For store owners or cashiers with publishing privileges, you can have the product published to the products catalogue by clicking on the Publish Product toggle on the bottom left of the dialog box.

Searching for a product

If your product catalog is too large to navigate using the product grid, you can use the search box in the top bar to query a product. The results will show you the product photo, SKU, price, and stock count.

Scanning product barcodes

To scan products to the cart:

  1. Click on the search icon in the search box to enable barcode scanning.
  2. After you click this icon, it will display a barcode icon prompting you to start scanning.
  3. At this point, you can point your barcode reader on the product barcode and press the trigger.
  4. This will query the product SKU barcode with the store’s product SKU and if successful, add items to the cart. If the product SKU cannot be found, an error will appear.

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