Editing cart items (eg. Qty Adjust or Item Voids )

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Editing cart items (eg. Qty Adjust or Item Voids )

After adding a product to the cart, you can click on the cart row item to display more options.

Item Fields

  • Quantity – this will display the quantity selected along with the unit of measurement that the product stock is handled in. You can also swipe the item row from left to right to increase product quantity by 1.
  • Discount – enter a percentage value you want to discount the item price by, the price field will lock to display the original price and the price on the order will be discounted.
  • Price – enter a custom price or return to the original price by entering ‘0’ in the discount field.
  • Note – add a note to this product. This will be added as a product meta-attribute in the order.

Item Actions

  • Edit – allows you to modify the product name, tax class and add, delete, or modify any product attributes if there are any.
  • View – opens in a new tab the online link to this product.
  • Delete – deletes the item from the cart. You can also swipe left on the cart row to remove the product from the cart.

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