Completing the Transaction

Completing the Transaction

To place the order and take payment, click on the Pay button. This will display the End of Sale screen, where you will be shown the following options:

  • Printing – this will print the receipt after fulfilment. If this is set to yes in the register settings, this will appear as an option.
  • Email – this will email the receipt after fulfilment. Depending on the settings configured in the register settings, this will be required and toggled for all customers and pre-filled with the customer email address for non-guest customers.
  • Signature capture – click on the + button to capture a signature. This is useful for orders that require approval or verification. This must be enabled from WooCommerce > Settings > Point of Sale > End of Sale > Signature Capture.
  • Notes – attach a customer note to the order, or if a note is already attached, review it with the customer before finalizing the order.

After clicking the Place Order button, the POS will push the order data to the main store and then display payment options.

Choosing a payment option

After clicking the Place Order button, you will be shown options to choose what payment method you want to use to tender the order. Payment methods are enabled and disabled from the WooCommerce > Settings > Payment’s page. Our POS extension comes with two payment methods: Cash for cash payments and Chip & PIN for Card payments. This is for store owners who already have a Card terminal, if selected the register will generate a reference number which you can use when using your terminal.

Holding orders

You can hold or save an order through the POS from the cart actions:

  1. Swipe left on the cart totals panel or click on the More button.
  2. Click on the Hold button.
  3. This will display the End of Sale screen options with different Order Status options to place an order.
  4. You can continue with the status On-Hold or set the status to Pending Payment.
  5. Setting the status to Pending Payment will allow you to generate a Payment QR Code for customers to scan and make payment at their own convenience.
  6. Click on Hold Order to continue; the POS will push the order data to the main store.

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