Adding Customers to the Order

Adding Customers to the Order

Adding an existing customer

You can add an existing customer to the order by searching through the users on the top right. If the search finds no queries, the register will suggest you add this customer based on the query you have entered.

Adding a new customer

If you want to add a new customer to the order, click on the + button on the right of the customer search bar. You can choose whether to save the customers details or keep them as guests by clicking on the Save Customer toggle on the bottom left of the dialog box. To configure the required fields when adding a new customer, go to Point of Sale > Settings > Customer > Required Fields.

Scanning a customer barcode

To scan and load a customer to the register, click on the customer icon in the customer search bar. This will display a prompt where you can scan the customer card or enter the customer’s card number. To enable store cards, you will have to check the box located under the Point of Sale > Settings > Customers > Customer Cards tab.

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