Grid Options
  • Out of Stock – display out of stock products in the product grid.
  • Restock Scanning – allows the cashier to restock and sell an out-of-stock product by scanning the product SKU.
  • Product Visibility – control the visibility of products from the online store and POS.
Search Options
  • Search Includes – choose the fields included in the product search query displayed in the register. The default is Product Title and Product SKU.
  • Display Attributes – choose which product attributes to display within the search results when searching for products.
Product Fields
  • Required Fields – choose the fields required when adding a custom product through the register.
  • Publish Toggle – choose the default state of the publish option when adding a new product through the register.
Tile Options
  • Default Sorting – set the default sorting for tiles on the register.
  • Image Resolution – choose the resolution for the images displayed within the product grid.
  • Information Panel – displays additional information on the products when using the register. A small button will appear on the product tile.
  • Add to Cart Behavior – control what happens to the grid when a product is added to the basket.

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