• Logo – defines the logo displayed on all registers in the top left corner.
  • Primary Color – sets the color of the theme used across the register interface.
  • Transition – disables transitions and effects used within the registers.
  • Dashboard Access – allows your cashiers to open their register from their My Account > Point of Sale page.
  • Auto Logout – set a period after which the register automatically logs the cashier out.
  • Chip & PIN – increase the number of Chip & PIN payment methods accepted through the Point of Sale. These are configured in the WooCommerce > Settings > Payments tab.
  • Dining – allows the cashier to set the dining option for each order.
  • Unit of Measurement – when the product tile is clicked, choose to prompt the seller for a specific quantity value. See the Unit of measurement section on how to configure this for products.
  • Outlet Stock – enables product inventory management and status per outlet.

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